Holiday Video Script

In a land of wonderment
That stands on mountains high 
The clouds are always open wide to let the sunshine…shine.
Day or night, dark or light, hills green or flocked with snow
This magic place unfolds the space to let ideas grow

This land is filled with pride 
Its people come from towns worldwide…
To rally, work, think, tinker….study and explore,
Bringing new visions to the world’s lore.

They share their talents and their time…
Not for credit… but for something more divine
And the gifts they offer to the world can’t be easily defined

Their daily work pays homage
To what Mountaineers can grow
And with their determination, look at what they have to show:
A university – a hallowed place – riddles solved, lives saved….
Thoughts charted, dreams mapped, stars followed, problems cracked.

Day in, day out our dreams have come true
We couldn’t think of anyone better to thank than you
We wish you hope; we wish you cheer.
Because, today…and happily ever after…it’s a great day to be a Mountaineer.